Book Give Aways

I have received some wonderful books that I’ve featured on this website and they are beginning to build up, so I’ve decided to offer them to anyone who posts here who knows a particular child or a particular community that could really benefit from the book in question.

So, if you want any of the books, just post a comment with a sentence or two telling me who it’s going to (or if you’re uncomfortable doing that, then just send me a note) and the address where it should be sent.

The books that I have to give away so far are: Mali under the Night Sky, Last Night I Sang to the Monster, and This Thing Called the Future.

In the future when I review a book, I’ll make a note of whether it is available or not at the bottom.



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2 Responses to Book Give Aways

  1. Do you have a taker for Mali Under the Night Sky yet? I’d like to review it for the Albany Times-Union next month, and I’ll pass it on from there.

  2. pamwatts says:

    Hi Lyn,

    Thanks for your interest. You do great work on your blog, and I really want to support that, but I’m really dedicated to giving the books to a child or a library or a school. I talk about which books would help which kids etc. etc., but this feels like one small, concrete thing I can actually do. And I realized that there’s actually a preschool in town that has immigrant students, so I would also like to give it to them.

    Cinco Puntos Press was really great about sending out review copies to me, though. Have you checked with them?

    Best of luck.

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