Graphic Novel Resources for Teachers

Hi y’all, I’ve been having a lot of great thoughts that will percolate into interesting posts soon, I think, but for now I just want to share some resources I came up with to help teachers use graphic novels in their classrooms. For the NEATE conference I spoke at last weekend, I came up with tables to show which graphic novels teachers could use to teach individual common core standards. If you’re not thinking in terms of the “common core” right now, these are just really good (in my opinion) lists of graphic novels that can be used to teach literacy skills in the classroom, particularly to struggling readers.

I hope they’re useful. Also, feel free to distribute these, pass them on to others, and use them as you like, but I do ask that you give me credit for them if you use them in a professional setting.

I realize that they are a little hard to read like this. If you would like a .pdf of either of these files, feel free to leave a message here with your contact info and I’ll send them to you.



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