Revising Historical Friction by Laurel Snyder

This is a beautiful post by a writer who had a troubled relationship with her grandmother later in life. When her grandmother died, she still remembered being alone and abandoned as a child. So this writer wrote a novel examining what might have changed for her grandmother if she had had one friend through that difficult time.

The post is so touching. And such an interesting examination of how really hard events shape our lives and the lives of those we touch moving forward. And how we can reclaim stories and use them to create a new outcome. I recommend the whole post. My favorite quote:

This isn’t enough, of course. It doesn’t make up for her actual unhappiness.  And it makes me sad that I can’t share the book with her, can’t hand her a copy and say, “Here, I made this for you.”  It makes me sad she doesn’t know.

But it also makes me happy.  I look at the book, with her lovely lonely portrait in the back, and I think that it is just the kind of book we’d have read together, she and I.  Because even when people let Grandmother down, books didn’t.

I recommend you read the whole thing.

Revising Historical Friction by Laurel Snyder.


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