Mental Illness Resource Round-up

Thank you everyone for all of your thoughts and input this month! The winner of this month’s book giveaway (Don’t Touch by Rachel Wilson) is Amber (YA Indulgences). Thanks for all of your thoughts this month, Amber! (Send me your address, and I’ll go ahead and put that in the mail.)

Below, I’ve pulled together some non-book resources to help kids & teens who are struggling with mental illnesses. (If you missed the post on books, it’s here.) I’m sure many of you out there know more that I’m unaware of. If so, please post them in the comments and I’ll add to this list. Thanks!

Online Resource Communities:

  • The Wounded Healer Journal: An online support community and resource center forsurvivors of abuse and trauma.
  • StrengthOfUs: is an online social community for teens and young adults living with mental illness, is a place where they can connect while learning about services, supports and handling the unique challenges and opportunities of transition-age years.
  • NAMI Hearts & Minds is an online, interactive wellness educational initiative intended to promote quality of life and recovery for individuals who live with mental illness. Focuses include exercise, nutrition and smoking cessation.
  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance web site provides timely information on depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder and explains how doctors screen for these conditions. This web site also provides information for the newly diagnosed as well as information about recovery steps and ways to help a loved one with depression or with bipolar disorder.
  • Sidran Institute: Site for Trauma survivors to help educate about PTSD and Dissociation.
  • An Infinite Mind: Site about Dissociation.

Blog Posts:

That’s it for September. Please stop in starting tomorrow for October’s Topic: Empathy Building. Let’s talk about how we can use and write books that help young people understand experiences that are far different from their own. Especially with Graphic Novels. (November Topic: Gender.)


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2 Responses to Mental Illness Resource Round-up

  1. Yay! I’m so glad I won. More importantly though, I’m glad you shared such great posts this month about mental illness! It’s really something that’s not talked about enough and you listed great resources for it.

    Er, what is your email address to email you my address? 🙂

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