Get Involved

If you feel like the world is falling apart and you absolutely have to do something about it or you will go insane!!!, or if you happen to have some disposable income and you would like to spend it in a socially conscious, tax-deductable way, you have come to the right place. These organizations are all non-profits working to benefit the lives of children, teens, and communities. Click on their links. Find out more about them. And if you know of others, please pass them along to me!

National Organizations:

  • The Child Welfare League of America is the nation’s oldest and largest membership based child welfare organization. Find information here about advocacy issues, initiatives, and current events.
  • Head Start has provided early childhood education, health care, nutrition information, and family support to low-income families since 1965 and has served over 25 million children.
  • Lambda Literary is the nation’s largest Literary Organization supporting GLBTQ writers and writing. They put queer writers in schools, award yearly writing prizes, and hold a yearly writer’s retreat.
  • AVID is a college-readiness support program that provides tutoring and other support nationwide predominantly to students who will be the first in their families to go to college. Provides massive support to the Latino community, in particular.
  • Voices Unbroken gives at-risk inner-city kids a voice through poetry. They sell curriculum guides, publish a journal of youth writing, and train facilitators.
  • The “It Gets Better” Campaign is a national video campaign of adults telling their stories of hope for today’s battered and scared GLBTQ teens. Relevant for anyone who feels trapped and is struggling.

State or Region-Specific Organizations:

  • Children’s Literacy Foundation is an organization in New Hampshire and Vermont that provides literacy programs and books to rural, low-income, and at-risk youth.
  • Write-a-House is a Detroit-based Writer’s Residency program that aims to revitalize neighborhoods, teach teens job skills, and build a more literary community in the area.
  • ENLACE is a New Mexico statewide initiative to provide ongoing educational support to Latino students before and during college. It is partnered with AVID.
  • The Simon Scholars program has sites in New Mexico, California, D.C., and Georgia. Like AVID and ENLACE, it provides ongoing college-readiness tutoring and support to low-income students. It is a smaller, more intensive sort of mentoring-style program than them, however. They also provide scholarships.