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What it’s really like in a Failing Public School

I get most of my news these days from the facebook. Sad to admit. But one good thing is that my socially conscious peers occasionally point me to some important issues. So, accordingly, I just read this very good critique … Continue reading

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Great Graphic Novels for the Younger Set

Hello all. I’ve been given the perfect excuse to talk about graphic novels again. Of course, I’ve written about how graphic novels can teach literacy¬†and heal literacy problems in at-risk youth. And I’ve provided lists of graphic novels that teachers … Continue reading

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Graphic Novel Resources for Teachers

Hi y’all, I’ve been having a lot of great thoughts that will percolate into interesting posts soon, I think, but for now I just want to share some resources I came up with to help teachers use graphic novels in … Continue reading

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Teaching Literacy to At-Risk Youth

xkcd is my favorite source of internet comic strips. If you’re not a big math/science nerd they probably won’t do much for you, but this one is my favorite. So what does this have to do with children’s books and … Continue reading

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