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Building Empathy: Using Graphic Novels to Teach Critical Literacy

I was asked by Teaching Tolerance¬†to write an article about how educators can use graphic novels in the classroom to teach social justice issues. This will appear in their fall issue as a companion article to the piece that Andrew … Continue reading

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Write a House: Building a More Literary Detroit

A few weeks ago, I talked about some of the problems facing Santa Fe Public Schools. Today, I want to talk about another educationally failing region of the country and the unique approach that one little non-profit called Write a … Continue reading

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Great Graphic Novels for the Younger Set

Hello all. I’ve been given the perfect excuse to talk about graphic novels again. Of course, I’ve written about how graphic novels can teach literacy¬†and heal literacy problems in at-risk youth. And I’ve provided lists of graphic novels that teachers … Continue reading

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Graphic Novel Resources for Teachers

Hi y’all, I’ve been having a lot of great thoughts that will percolate into interesting posts soon, I think, but for now I just want to share some resources I came up with to help teachers use graphic novels in … Continue reading

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Teaching Literacy to At-Risk Youth

xkcd is my favorite source of internet comic strips. If you’re not a big math/science nerd they probably won’t do much for you, but this one is my favorite. So what does this have to do with children’s books and … Continue reading

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Superheroes to the Rescue: Graphic Novels Can Bridge Literacy Gaps

Hey y’all, sorry for the week-long hiatus. Life, I’m telling ya! Anyway, I wanted to post about graphic novels (and not just because I’m a secret Captain Underpants fan.) When I was at Vermont College of Fine Arts, I wrote … Continue reading

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